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Bathroom Furnishing

One of the most important zamak applications is on the bathroom furnishing area. Pressofusioni Fiorentine is specialized in a wide gamma of bathroom products: taps and fittings, item for furniture, hydro-massage’s handles, geyser and other accessories for bathroom.

We are able to carry out this complex products thanks the experience of our staff and the good zamak proprieties. Our staff is the right mix of experience and young worker, this help to create new smart ideas and get the customer needs, also the most difficults.

The process starts with the design of item for customer, then we make a brass sample in 3D, which is used to realize the mould. This is very complex process with we produce a medium volume production series starts by very few sample.

We are able to carry out accessories with complex shape, very good surface finish, dimensional accurately and consistency. From to geyser accessories to handles, Pressofusioni it’s the ideal partner for bathroom furnishing.

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