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Pf Pressofusioni

Door and window manufacturing

Pressofusioni Fiorentine is company specialized in windows and door accessories, like handles, hinges etc. Our mission is keep accessories durable year by year and hard-wearing. With zamak alloy we carry out several blind’s accessories like: open mechanism, stationary and adjustable hinge, handles etc. This is possible thanks to good casting and mechanical proprieties of zamak.

We realize complex windows and doors accessories with very good surface finish, hard to penetrate, dimensional accurately and consistency. Pressofusioni fiorentine design the item with customer to keep the right functionality and at same time highest strength. The production process starts with 3D CAD/CAM design of metal die, after we realize the cavity and finally starts the die casting process, which produce the items request.

During the beginning of die casting process, we adjust every parameters of new item to avoid defects on the product request. We are a good choice for production of your windows and doors accessories.

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