Progettazione e Costruzione Stampi Stampaggio - Minuterie in Zama
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High Definition Detailed Products

With the die casting process of zamak alloy we are able to perform item with high dimensional consistency, also very little dimension. This is possible thanks to the particular characteristics of zamak alloy and our know how, about die casting process. It’s the event of naval area: very little and high dimensional consistency item, needs a lot of careful and Pressofusioni Fiorentine is the right choice, we are able to solve many technical issues on the product. The most important point in naval field is execute very complex shape with high dimensional correspondence.

Die casting mould is realized to meet customer needs and our process make sure the highest quality of product, also in the little and high volume production. With zamak alloy you’ll get a strong, versatile and unexpensive item. On Zamak product you can also make secondary machining operations as polishing, grinding and galvanic treatment.


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