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January 2012

17_1_sWhen I think to my job there is one well-known word: GDP “Gross Domestic Product”. This word is very common in newspapers and media. I’m very proud to take part in GDP production of my country. This economic indicator shows the great yielding care of many Italian factories.

During my work I take a piece of rough steel and make it a well done die, then melt bars of Zamak in die-casting machine and set up a little “bijou”. So that realize how my factory to share at the economic grow of this beautiful country, ITALY.

Ourselves with our ideas and production work together for the expansion of a business and economy. For this reasons I though to share information, projects and news about our industrial activities on this web pages.
From this new year I’ll keep a kind of “logbook”, to shows you what we have done and what we are going to do.

This 2011 it was very significant time for Pressofusioni Fiorentine. We’ve made a lot of equipment and resource investment, certain of business grow.
I’ve extended our foundry line with two new die casting machines, today we have totally seven die casting press in our line:

agrati– AGRATI 175 with anthropomorphic robot, for die-cast items with big surface and weight up to 1,5 kg. This machine is equipment with electrostatic lubrication and mould thermal regulator. It made to protect and to take care environment and energy saving.

techmireL- In this 2011 we’ve introduced also a TECHMIRE 35 Ton. This die casting machine was design for little items. The moulds for Techmire are very economics, this is possible thank a simplification of the mould itself. Also die cast process is chip because machine has all “independent movements”, so that we could decide how turns out the items. Techmire with his advanced technology could reduce the “injection” and “set up” time. This reduce considerably the cost of the products.

In this 2011 we’ve invested also in the frame of our production lines. We’ve made the air-condition system in the mould line, to keep the room temperature constant at 20°C. This helps the operation of machine that works at high speed on very hard tempered materials. A good microclimate is certain an advantage also for our shop operations, which with professionalism design and make moulds.

stampiWith this continual improvement process idea our factory face up daily challengers of “doing business”.
Very exciting challenger, that we want to share with you.

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