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January 2013

January 2013

More and more often I reflect on the value of my job, and on the meaning of the activity that we carry on for many years. We develop products on behalf of third parties, and all know how the work of this type of enterprise is vital to the productivity of the production system in a lot of sectors.

The investment in technology and experimentation, are the distinctive features of our work, then transferring to our customers our know-how. This are also some example of investments that we’ve managed, focus on quality and lead time:

Cutting hardened steel at high speed;
Automatic machines with anthropomorphic robot;
Electrostatic lubrication of mould;
Injection Molding Vacuum System (avoid the bubbles and porosity inside the piece);
Moulds with Joule effect thermo-regulators (to keep melting temperature uniform during the injections).

Anyway I’d like to take stock of the past year, so I’ll keep a “logbook” to shows you what we have done in 2012 and what we are going to do.

download (1)Build the new reception and offices.

We’ve installed a multiple-cyclone dust filters in the foundry to enhance the quality of air inside of our factory.

Created a comfortable meeting room to receive our customers and suppliers.

Also we used meeting room for technical training of shop operators, because the human resource are the heart of our company.
My saying is “share information & know how”, all people should be inclusive in the process and considered themselves as a membership of company.

Our inventory size increased of 500 m2 to keep rough material, spare parts and to supplied the growing production demand. With this new capability in the 2013 we’ll purchase two new die casting machine

Growing together, with this exciting challenger we would face up to the new 2013

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