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January 2014

January 2014

download (1)A new year is beginning, we are ready to face up to new challenges with the experience of 2013. The last year was complex but very important for us, we have been faced it like boat sailed the ocean. We know well our mission, we are aware about the business problems but we look at the target with power and optimism.
During the last year we’ve been growing and any of us did the best of ourselves: the foundry line was upgrading with the installation of two new die-casting machine. Overall we have 9 hot chamber die casting machine: start to 35 up to 200 tons. With our equipment we are able to meet varied customer needs and supply “work of art” items with short lead time, because we know well the important of celerity and flexibility of service.

that I called “shared knowledge” in the past year, is growing and growing with the input of our staff, that periodically takes part of specialization learning course and makes new ideas and suggestions through the “box of ideas”.

download (2)Any employee can give his contribution on all topic to improve the busyness of our factory. Box of ideas is very important best-practices for us, all suggestions are equally important and useful because come up of day by day experience of our work.
Every day we work with passion and focus on product, we get on very well each other and we are a wonderful team, definitively we have the spirit of making “team building”.
download (3)Our goals and objectives for 2014 are replace two die casting machine, with other two more technologically advanced for improve the quality and lead time. The quality will be the main goal, because only with quality we can progress and establish ourselves in this globalized, fats and complex world. The unknowns are always around the corner, but with the strong that came up of “shared knowledge” and our responsibility, we are certain to face up and win the challenges of new year.

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