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Fashion Accessories

With our customers we study the item shape to get the best metal die cavity; our know-how come from with many years-long experience and collaboration with the best fashion brands on international business. One of the most important zamak applications is on the fashion accessories area. With customer we design the project, then we manage the production of steel mould and finally with die casting machine we carry out the item request.

Thanks the highest technical equipment on die casting field and the creativity of our brilliant staff, we realize complexes zamak item with little lead time. Zamak has several mechanical advantages, then we are able to product item with high quality level as snapper, buckle, hinge etc, ideally for fashion business. The production process starts with 3D CAD/CAM design of metal die, after we realize the cavity and finally starts the die casting process, which produce the items request.

Our zamak accessories are made to appreciate and adorn the object on which they are use. Different and original shape make it the perfect finishing for purse, wallet, snapper, hinge and suits of the best fashion brand. With high quality process control we are able to eliminate any mistakes, and we are looking forward “zero-defect” production. We certify every zamak item that we made, this is a very important quality assurance for our customers.

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