Progettazione e Costruzione Stampi Stampaggio - Minuterie in Zama
Pf Pressofusioni


The owner started professionally in 1985 with a design and moulding construction company, then followed the progression and change in the world of work, where clients always expect more services and promptness in provision, and expanded his activity with a presswork section for Zamak alloy die-casting in 1995.

The company covers an area of about 2500 sq. m. with a plant that fully respects safety standards and environmental regulations. The structure makes use of specialized technicians who carry out all the production phases with care, (so as) to (always) obtain a high quality product each time.
The interior, is divided between a Design and Mould construction section, and moulding section.

We also offer other services like vibro tumbling, threads, assemblages, galvanizing, varnishing, and galvanizing treatments, for which we make use of qualified companies that have matured with us in the past years. Our aim is to satisfy our clients’ requirements and expectations, providing a 360 degree service.

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